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Creating a retail company is one of the more difficult ways to start a business, and the statistic that”98 percent of companies fail in their first year” has a great deal to do with the company model. As a residence of Arizona and a member of the CPA in Tuscon ive always wanted to build my business there and with the help of my friend who happens to be a member of the  we both came up with workable method to start a retail business

Here is what we arrived at.

Retail businesses typically require a large amount of cash to begin with.  I will discuss a method together with you for starting a retail store that is not that pricey, but let us first consider how retail companies usually operate before.

From needing to pay for monthly subscriptions, you also need to worry about hiring workers, hiring a supervisor (in case you do not need to be in the shop daily), buying Inventory and getting a merchant support and pc system… not to mention having to worry on workers taking you for anything you have on your inventory or your cash register.

All these threats and expenses wind up making few of the company owner if they are not prepared to manage them… and sadly, 98 percent of business owners never consider the genuine relevance of tackling these items.

The basic guideline is, if you are attempting to launch a retail business, you want to have at least 6 weeks’ worth of your monthly saved up and accessible for use.

The intriguing thing is, however, nearly all these hurdles can very quickly be overcome… if you think about them beforehand and prepare yourself for every one of them.

And to bring this into a better perspective for you, I will tell you a story on a well-known business person of the name of T. Harv Eker.

He is known for a Wide Variety of achievements; however, this one will be about when he founded his first company, Fitness Land.

Fitness Land has been a retail exercise equipment store that methodically sold fitness gear to individuals.  Together with his system, he managed to open 11 places in less than 3 Decades and sold half of his shares into the Heinz company (the ketchup Individuals ) for $1.6 Million.

Here is the complete story…

When Harv chose to begin Fitness Land, he had been dead broke.  He had no cash to start his business with… so that he ordered a $2,000 credit charge on his card on to cover the 1st month and last months’ rent on his retail area.

And because he did not have any cash for his wares, he went to the manufacturer with an extremely clever offer.

He requested the maker if they could give him one of the machines for a few hundred bucks, and he promised he would return with a large order shortly. Hence the producer chose to give it a try, then lend him the one machine.

Here is precisely what Harv did with this one machine (that is the power of imagination )

He’d roughly 600 square feet of space to use, therefore what he did was that he cut off the better part of this space so that people could not access it.  He put the machine behind the line that People could not cross, put a signal (that was a bit of cardboard with permanent marker writing on it), and anybody who arrived in his shop and looking at the item would witness a demonstration of how it functioned.

Harv would put on the device that was behind the dividing line, showed the potential client how it worked and when they are interested, here is what he’d State.

“Well, as you can see, we have this one machine in stock because we JUST marketed Out… so here is what I could do for you.  There is a shipment coming in tomorrow, and you may have one of these machines for the complete cost of $567, or you can book one In another shipment for $100, but this will come in 2 weeks.”

So obviously, most people desired the sooner shipment.  He’d collect the full payment BEFORE he put the order together with his producer and delivered the merchandise to the client.  (This idea is essential… It is called”no receivables”.  Collect payment BEFORE you send your merchandise )

He advised each man who wanted the system to come on Saturday between 1 pm – 2 pm to pick this up.

Now, here is where the cool part comes in…

Once the peoples showed up to pick up their equipment, they found themselves amid a battle-zone kind surrounding, looking for an opening at the big audience of people so they can pick their stuff up.

And I am willing to wager that 100 percent of those people believed in their heads “Wow… I am thrilled I left in time to find mine.

This MUST be an incredible product if they have THIS Many People here.”

And everybody who had not bought the product, however, was arriving at the mad audience of People stuffed in a little 600 square foot area, thinking, “What the hell is going on here?  I need to test it out after the dust settles”

Those two thought processes were what Harv was hoping to create, an extreme fascination for what he had been selling. It gets better yet.

Within a couple of weeks, the authorities told Harv he could not do business if he did not possess some police officers to direct the visitors in and out of the small shop.  Could you imagine what that does for your own marketing?  To get police officers directing traffic in and out of your shop? That is Wonderful.

So using the same method, he brought in several different pieces of exercise equipment and sold them like clockwork.  And seeing his strategy was working, He chose to open a similar place in another area of town and also have his Managers operate it.

Working with this simple, yet innovative system, he managed to start up 11 locations, the rest is history.

There are some beautiful gold nuggets within this particular article.  My recommendation is for one to return and read the entire thing to take notes where necessary.

If I were to start my own company in retail, I’d stick to this system.  The system will also work excellently well if you can blend the assistance of an accountant to help analyse the important things and, provided that you are willing to put in the job, there is no strategy in which this system can neglect a retail enterprise.

You DON’T require a good deal of money lying around to begin a retail business.  All you need is a vision and hard work.