Everyone wants to perform excellently well at work, secure our jobs and probably get a pay increase and also get promoted.


For you to achieve this, you would need to improve your working performance.


Here are lists of 6 tips to help you increase your productivity at work which will help you attain any set goals.

6 Super TIPS:


  1. Concentration and Focus
  2. Set a Career Goal
  3. Develop Organization Skill
  4. Develop a Time Management System
  5. Prioritize Assignments – Do not overwork yourself. Delegates.
  6. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle – Exercises your physical, mental and physiological power. Consider safe fitness supplements likeĀ Clen Bodybuilding and nearby gym and instructors.

1. Concentration and Focus


For you to be a prominent professional in your field or any other jobs, you need always to have focused all day and also concentrate on your daily task so to be able to get the daily work done efficiently and effectively.


How can you be focused at work without any hindrances? Managing of energy helps to have full concentration and focus. Here are some tips on how to get focused at work.


It’s all well and good to say you need to focus, but how can this be done? Hence, here are a few ways to increase your focus and concentration are:

  • Avoid Distraction at your workplace. Don’t go online checking facebook and twitter when you are supposed to be working. Either switch your phone to vibration or put it on silence so as not to get a distracting notification sound.
  • Night rest is crucial. More on this later in the content.
  • Always observe short and constant break at work. Instead of you getting a one-time long break, it’s better for you to take short breaks often. Take a little walk around to stretch your legs and straighten your body to give your mind some rest and fresh air it deserves. It will help you get back to work feeling more focused and stronger.

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2. Set a Career Goal and for Yourself


If where you are going is confusing to you, how would you know when you get there? For you to achieve exceptional performance feet at work, you need to set goal.


Outline what you want to accomplish in your career both in long and short terms.


Set out daily and weekly goals as well. If there is any daily or weekly task to be done, list them out and work towards achieving them.


It could involve the decision from someone else like finalizing codes, working on a specific document, or any other things that need to get accomplished.

3. Develop Your Organisation Skill

The best tips for increasing performance in a workplace is to improve the way you get your work organized.


It will help you get a more precise picture of what needs to be done and also make you focus more on your daily activities with little or no distractions. We can break the work organization into some different areas:

  • Planning your duties and responsibilities at work
  • Organising your working desk and the entire working area
  • Organising your working computer – structures the folders, your desktop icons, the documentation, etc
  • Also plan your life outside of working in the office


The most significant thing to do is to make sure you organize all the areas mentioned above which will assist you in performing your task diligently and also improve your working production:

  • Write down all you need to do which will help you not to forget the function you have to carry out and also having it all in one place.
  • Make sure your working desk is always clean. Only put what you need to work with close while you put every other thing away.
  • Formulate a folder structure that will best work for you and keep to it.
  • Clean your desk. Only store what you need on your desk and put everything else away. Do away with folders that you don’t need on your desktop and make sure it’s free from unwanted folders and files.

4. Develop a Time Management System

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One might not realize that some of the time spent at work is wasted on doing things that are not related to your daily task.


Time management is the capability of spending your time wisely and improving on how best to use it.


Firstly, you need to know how you spend your time because time is precious. To start with, have a keen look at your calendar. Check for any meeting schedule and see if the meetings are necessary or not. Possibly, begin to think of how you spend your day.


What job did you get done and how long it took you to finish. You can efficiently manage your time if you understand how you spend it. You will be able to save it when appropriate which is a fantastic way to enhance your work performance.

5. Prioritise Assignments

Most people at one point or another always have this feeling. A feeling of one having so much to perform at a given time. It’s a standard expectation that you will accomplish the task that you are expected to do.


For instance, if you have 8 hours to carry out a task of 10 hours, the best way to go about it is to prioritize your job. Work out the priority of every task you need to carry out. By so doing, you will have every responsibility outlined according to their preference.


You should now focus on the most important ones first. The ones at the top of the list stand as the most important ones that need to get done before others.


Once you finish with the first, then move to the next on the list. Leaving the less prioritize ones undone is ok instead of doing your job randomly and ending up not working on some of the most important ones.

6. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle and Work Discrete

Spending more time at work to get more job done could hurt a long run. You might feel like working for over 10 hours or going home with some official tasks to do on weekends. It is not ideal for you to do such. Try very hard to put all your productivity at your workplace and ones you close for the day, let your remaining tasks stay behind.


And ones you are home after closing from the office at night, you don’t have to continue with the official task.


Do the non-official job on weekends as it supposes to be for your functions like seeing family and friends, doing house chores, going shopping with your family, go swimming or doing any personal kinds of stuff.


It’s known as “life and work balancing.” It is vital that you balance your life and working activities.


You could end up feeling exhausted, fatigue or even stressed out if you allow your work to supersede your life activities. These will bring you disadvantages than good in a long-term which will eventually affect your performance.


Exceptional cases are bound to arise like having a time-frame to meet up with a task or when there is an urgent need for overtime. However, most firms know the value of life/work-balancing, and they would be ready for compensation.